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Jack, AECPS Bookworms


I read rook and personally I thought it was a great book, so realistic to life and life’s problems. The strong relationship between the two boys is great, I think, they wear each other’s clothes and they clearly know each other very well. The dad is getting his mojo back, it seems he hasn’t really been with the boys as his usual self.

The bully aspect I think is strong as the boy who is bullying has personal issues- epilepsy. He, as it states in the book, is scared of how other people might react if he has a fit, due to epilepsy. It shows you that bullies bully because they are afraid.

His crush is obviously very strong as he keeps trying to build up the courage to talk to her and going to some lengths to do so. This book is brilliant, I highly recommend it to anyone, although I think the early teenagers can really relate to the book.

Posted on: 27th April 2018 at 05:28 pm

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