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Evy, The Romans

Saint Death

At first glance i didn't expect to enjoy this book, but once i began reading i was pleasantly surprised. The book is about two teenagers growing up on the Mexico- U.S border, Arturo and Faustino. Faustino is trying to escape from the gang he's been working for. He's taken some of the money he was supposed to be hiding and now he's on the run. He and his friend, Arturo, have only 36 hours to replace the missing money, or they're as good as dead. The story of Saint Death highlights the injustice faced by many people like Arturo who live in extreme poverty and those like Faustino desperate to escape to a better life. I really loved this book for its gripping storyline and relevant topics, the book its self is very well written and the characters are exceptionally developed, i enjoyed learning their suitably tragic backstories throughout the book. I think the 'plot twist' could have been better and more impactful if it was made a bit more obvious, seeing as it changes the whole tone of the book, but i did enjoy its subtlety in a way. Overall, i think this is definitely a contender for the prize!

Posted on: 28th April 2018 at 12:03 pm

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