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Toby, Norwich School

Wolf Hollow

This book was particularly prevalent out of the 7 I have read. The book, set during World War 2, covered many strong topics, such as bullying, prejudice and the power of deceit. The main antagonist, Betty Glengarry, is vivid in my mind, and stereotypical yet effective at creating a picture. Prejudice is a key issue covered in this book. Since Mr Ansel, a German man completely unrelated to the war, was almost hit with a rock, injuring Annabelle, the main protagonist's, friend Ruth. Everyone blamed Toby, a wandering soldier, for throwing the rock. Betty's lies and emotion particularly deceived everyone, and when she went missing, the whole town was convinced Toby was the culprit. This highlights the saying "A wolf in sheep's clothing".

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 11:31 am

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