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Will, Book Chasers

After the Fire

This is my favourite book of the shortlist this year.
You can tell from the Author's Note that Hill is extremely passionate about the topic of writing, and that passion sort of rubs off onto the reader.
I love that the main character, Moonbeam, is taken from everything she knows and plunged into the world she was taught to fear and despise. The way this book moves from before and after the fire is especialy captivating, and I haven't seen such an effective way of transferring the narrative before.
I was extremely impressed with this book and will definitely search more about the Branch Davidian, which was the inspiration for the cult in the book, The Lord's Legion.
I absoulutely adore this book, and although there are one or two grim scenes, I would recommend to this to anyone above 10. 10/10.
I will be sorely disappointed if this book does not win this year; the other entries pale in comparison, in my opinion.

Posted on: 28th April 2018 at 04:19 pm

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