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Ridwan, Christ's Shadowers

After the Fire

After the Fire is a thrilling read. Throughout the book you will keep on turning the pages due to your curiosity getting the better of you as you search for the answers to the many secrets Moonbeam is hiding. Will Hill has developed the characters very well as each character has a unique yet realistic background in the situations they faced. I think it was very clever in how Hill made you hate certain characters yet feel sympathy for them at the same time. I liked how the novel kept on switching between the past and the present to answer our questions and I believe it was better the past experiences acted like the present in some way as it let us understand what Moonbeam was going through at the time. I believe the contrasts of some of the characters views on the Lord's Legion allowed us to see how controversial the legion actually was from the inside as some were manipulated and others were simply scared and had different views to Father John on faith.Will Hill was also very clever in how he built up suspense without giving too much away as we got closer to the climax. I believe the book being in 1st person allowed us to understand how difficult Moonbeam's life was and develop sympathy for her. Overall I believe After the Fire is one of the best books I have read and strongly recommend it to anyone, especially someone who loves a thrilling and moving read.

Posted on: 29th April 2018 at 12:29 pm

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