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Abbie, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

Review of: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

Overall rating: 3/5 stars

Characters we meet:
Florian- the wanderer who is posing as a jewel courier and all the while he is stealing the ‘amber swan’ the most important piece of an exhibition.
Amelia- a pregnant Polish teenager (raped by Russian soldiers when they raided the farm she was staying on) who is desperate for help and shelter, and believe me she needs all the help she can get. She cannot understand why everyone leaves her
Joanna- a skilful nurse who is looking for her sister and will do anything to get there. Even smuggling a pregnant Pole onto a German bound ship. (This is during a war which states Poles as “Slavic, branded inferior”)
Alfred- a sailor who loves a girl named Hannelore but it seems like she doesn’t even know that he exists. Also that he is a sailor striving to be the best and he is extremely gullible because of that.
Claus- a little boy adopted by Joanna and her group. It seems that he has lost both of his parents to the war and he carries around a one eared rabbit.
Poet- an old shoemaker who joined the group prior to Claus. He is constantly repairing and¬¬ nagging the others about their shoes, even at one point saying “It is our shoes not our feet that carry us around and so long as we have good sturdy shoes, we shall get there”.

I liked the way that the author made the two protagonists fall in love and even though it seemed to take many months it was all in a matter of weeks. It seemed like a good book, although I did judge that by the title but once I actually had to start reading it, it was extremely hard to get into. I think this was because although the plot line was a really good idea and a really good direction to go in, it wasn’t quite thought out enough and there were some points where it jumped from one place to the next without any explanation. It was a good idea because it explores the struggles of the refugees during WW2 trying to get to safety. Although this may seem interesting to some, to me this got boring very quickly as it seemed almost like they were trying to drag out the book longer than they needed to. To me it seemed to be really confusing towards the end and as I said before the plot line jumped quite a bit. Alongside this I would not recommend ever writing a book where the characters point of view changes every chapter as it can sometimes get rather confusing. On top of this, it also means that the chapters can be really dislocated, meaning that it can get confusing. The genre of this book is quite hard to decide on as it is a fiction book, based on a true story, with a love story inside it. Overall I would say that it belongs in the fiction-romance section.
Although I finished this book it is really not something that I would ever read again as I really don’t like the style of writing that has been used, and it was really hard for me to get into. I tend to read books like “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell” and “Anarchy” on Wattpad. I also really liked “All the bright places” by Jennifer Niven. My type of book is definitely the magical, mythical, slightly romantic fiction kind. To me this seemed like it isn’t very well suited to a teenage audience as , speaking from experience they can get bored very quickly and need something interesting and smoothly written to keep them going.

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 11:50 am

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