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Yasmin, Larkmead Secondary School

Saint Death

What if your friend asked you to gather 1000 American dollars to save his life? Arturo lives in Mexico while death continues to strike his home and neighbours. When Faustino decides to show up with Eva and a newborn baby after a year, he must put his faith in Arturo to gather 1000 dollars in a game of cards. Arturo must journey to America and play a game against the person threatening his friends life. He then gets into greater trouble and must find not 1000, not 2000, but even more dollars to payback the gang of druggies and their leader. Where will he find the money? Can he save him and Faustino, and cheat death herself?

I discovered this baffling, boring book to be slightly disappointing because it continued for too long, and when the end finally came, it did not have the big ending for the long build up I had been waiting for. I must admit I found some bits were entertaining but most of the first half of the book was just Arturo travelling to where he would play the game of cards.

If you enjoy long books that include a lot of realistic features and not very exiting endings, this book is for you. As I said, I personally did not enjoy it but I'm sure you will if you like these types of stories.

Posted on: 29th April 2018 at 02:33 pm

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