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Toby, Norwich School

Salt to the Sea

This book captures the frail relationships and the deterioration of trust during World War 2. The Wilhelm Gustloff was the worst maritime disaster in history, yet never documented in newspapers. The title "Salt to the Sea" emphasises that the disaster and the death will never be brought to light; the victims are just as irrelevant as salt in the sea. Over 9000 people died, yet it was covered up. The mixture of different refugees all aiming for the same thing, salvation, showed the strengthening bonds between characters, but also their suspicion during the beginning of their encounters. Each character also has a different motive for freedom, and from serving Hitler, to getting revenge, to seeing family, each character has strong emotions well portrayed in the novel. However, I think personally that the ending seemed rushed and thought up just for a neat ending to the novel.

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 11:53 am

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