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Megan, Aylsham High School

The Bone Sparrow

This book is about a refugee who has to flee her country. Up until chapter 7 the book can become confusing as it switches between two different contrasting places and characters. One is in a refugee camp surrounded by fences and patrolled by Jackets. Beaver is one of the Jackets, terrorising the camp inmates from stepping out of place. He is feared in the camp as he hates all of the refugees because one time he almost got killed when a man in the camp turned crazy and grabbed a hammer. By the description in the first couple of chapters, Subhi lives in a tent inside the refugee camp with his mother and older sister Queeny in the family section. He was born in the camp and has never been allowed to leave so has made friends with Eli, another refugee inside the camp. Together they run packages between each of the camps over the fences and trade with others until Eli is moved to Alfa, another part of the camp.
This book is very gripping and intriguing but gets confusing in the beginning of the book as it swaps between places. To be able to read this book you have to persevere through the confusing beginning until the two main characters, Subhi and Jimmy, meet inside the refugee camp. Jimmy is from outside the camp and she’s always been intrigued in what was in the centre, where the camp is. Suddenly Subhi is filled with fear as he sees the bone sparrow around Jimmie’s neck. He sees the dead bird as a symbol of death but he also has hope that his father has sent Jimmie to him so agrees to help her. She cannot read, so Subhi agrees to read her book that has been passed down Jimmies family and is filled with her ancestor’s stories. It is a tale from long, long ago when Anka (Jimmie’s three time’s great grandmother) was born from an egg. The topic of the book instantly gripped me as it is filled with adventure as well as fear and hope that someday everything will be OK. It is filled with magical mystery with hints of lyrical beauty. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action packed books that leave your heart racing and you waiting for what happens next.

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 11:55 am

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