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Ginny, Larkmead Secondary School


Although it may be small, Rook is a book packed with emotion. It follows the life of Nicky, as he overcomes relationship troubles, family divides and self doubts. Cleverly, the first chapter is told from the perception of a bird, leaving you eager to continue reading. You then learn about bullies at school and troubles at home which are leaving Nicky stuck in the middle.
The story was sweet and simple, but still original and unique. I thought those two features were intertwined perfectly throughout the book. The author also made the characters relatable, giving the impression they were real people. I thought the contrast between ordinary, blunt Nicky and kind, loving Sarah was amazing, their traits balancing out when they finally met. I loved immersing myself in Nickys world, but only because his world wasn’t too different to mine.

Posted on: 29th April 2018 at 06:05 pm

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