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Ginny, Larkmead Secondary School

Where the World Ends

The archipelago of St Kilda, 1727
A fowling party, sent out to hunt birds is left stranded when their return boat never returns. Left to fend for themselves, their survival instincts kick in and true natures are revealed. Teamwork is essential, but is it achievable?
I think Where The World Ends is a fascinating idea for a book; the way the author has taken a genuine, real-life event and turned it into a story is really interesting. However, I don’t think the way it is told does it justice. Although there were some exciting moments, the majority of the book was full of unnecessary details (much of which were about birds). I also found that none of the characters really leapt out of the page at me or screamed in my face. This meant that the book wasn’t very engaging or relatable.
Despite me disliking it, anyone seeking a slow paced yet still gripping novel would enjoy it.

Posted on: 29th April 2018 at 08:33 pm

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