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maya & jess, Aylsham High School

The Smell of Other People's Houses

The 'Smell of Other People’s Houses' is a book written by Bonnie Sue Hitchcock.
This book is about Alaska in 1970 from several perspectives, and it is about the lives of four people whose lives cross unexpectedly. The four characters are Alice, Ruth, Dora and Hank. Because it is from different perspectives it has made it quite difficult to read as it’s sometimes hard to tell who is speaking. As there wasn’t really an introduction to all the characters you don’t know much about them and how they relate to the main storyline. When I read the book I got quite confused as the different stories as they don’t seem to overlap well and the main plot doesn’t seem well structured as the writer has tried to cram too much into the story, making it difficult to understand. However I do like the writing style as she explains the emotions of the characters well and you can connect with them emotionally, but I think that the storyline could be simpler.
The books main storyline starts and ends in their small fishing village in Alaska and it has a romance, tragedy and luck which causes an eventful and adventurous story.
I would recommend it to children aged 13 -16 as this book has some adult ideas which suggests towards some things that younger children might not understand. It also uses quite complicated and advance language which might make it a more difficult read. It also touches on Alaska’s independence and their politics and how it is classed as an American state and the way that the natives felt about it.

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 12:19 pm

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