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Eleanor, Aylsham High School

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea is a book about four different characters, who have all experienced traumatic events in the past which is still haunting them now. Joanna, Alfred, Florian and Emilia all have the same goal which is to get to the overcrowded ship; at the time it seems like it is there only hope of escaping the distressing conflict. Throughout the story you discover that they all have backgrounds full of lies and secrets, which are close to be being discovered- this can stop them all from reaching the safe place they are aiming for.
The setting changes many times throughout the book because they are all travelling from different places but trying to get to the same destination. Even though it is a fictional story, the setting is very believable and realistic so it makes it seem like a true story where you follow the lives of four young people. The description allows you to imagine the scenes and what each character has to go through in order to get through each day and find safety.
The 4 characters- Joanna, Alfred, Florian and Emilia- are young individuals who have all been affected negatively by the trauma of the Second World War. All the characters are very believable and likeable even though they differ in personalities and characteristics. Therefore, at times, they clash because Florian is very secretive and keeps himself very private even though everyone is very interested in his secret past. Emilia discovers that she is pregnant but because she is Alaskan, she doesn’t own a passport valid for the country- this means they have to dangerously make her a fake passport and hope that Border Control don’t suspect anything. Alfred is a soldier, in charge of controlling the ship, which everyone is hoping to board to safety- he frequently writes letters to his lover but it is unknown if the feeling is mutual or if he even sends them. Joanna is a nurse who tries to help as many people as possible but takes an early liking to Florian even though he is extremely hostile.

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 12:31 pm

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