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Billy, Jennie, Kayleigh, Alexis. Katie, Y7, NDAllstars

A First Book of Animals

We all had our own favourite illustrations! Billy- I loved the tiny bat flying in the starry night sky, I liked the simile of it being like a furry toffee and the b,b,b alliteration. Alexis- My favourite is the whale shark, I like the pattern on the skin and the way the artist has blended the blue, blue sea. Katie- I can't make my mind up between the wolves which were so realistic you could almost hear them howl, the brushstrokes showed the texture of the fur and the way the wibbly wobbly jellyfish seem to be floating in the deep, dark sea. I really like the way the illustrator used different colours to show the temperature of the different habitats. Jennie- I loved the cheetah picture, it really shows the speed of the big cat, chasing the antelope through the sandy , hot desert. Kayleigh- I loved the pretty pink flamingos! Their skinny, spindly pink legs show up against the deep blue of the river or pond and you can see the texture of the feathers in the brush-strokes, I also liked the repetition of the word 'PINK' This book is full of surprising facts about the animal kingdom, we were shocked to find out, for example, that a baby kangaroo is so tiny at birth- we looked it up on the internet! A lovely book which is good for young and older children, we hope it wins the prize! 10/10!

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 08:53 am

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