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Mrs J., NDAllstars

The Song from Somewhere Else

I'm ashamed to admit it but this is my first A.F. Harrold won't be my last! The writing style is similar to David Almond's timeless classic, Skellig and I was also reminded of Neil Gaiman's iconic Coraline and Graveyard Book. The idea of a portal to a parallel dimension was expertly conveyed by the wonderful Levi Pinfold's (I LOVED his 'Black Dog') moody, atmospheric, dark, hauntingly beautiful illustrations. The powerfully poignant story about the lonely, bullied, protagonist and the socially awkward misfit who comes to her rescue is extremely perceptive and sends a strong message about judging on appearance, seeing past people's faults and finding friendships in unexpected situations. The vivid prose is inspired, gems such as ' ...sarcasm dripped onto the pavement in venomous little puddles' and '...scent of wet grass and anxiety' made this book a joy to read. I also loved the way Harrold uses Frank's conversations with her stomach to express her anxieties- brilliant observation! This book won't appeal to all young people as I fear they won't embrace the fantasy element but I'd have a real good try to encourage them to give it a go! 10/10

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 09:29 am

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