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Krishna, British School of Gran Canaria

After the Fire

After the Fire is a very well-planned and expertly-executed book, full of mystery and action; leading into exciting adventures. Possibly because it's based on a true story, the characters feel human rather than made-up people.

The author Will Hill obviously has a hand in this realism. He relates the thoughts and feelings to the situations the characters face. From fear to rage, the pages are dripping with emotion.

The book transports you to a different world but yet one which is right next door to everyday society. The story is about a girl called Moonbeam who suffers tragedies in a group called the Lord's Legion. Throughout After the Fire, you learn the struggles she goes through.

I found Will Hill's video on the Shadowing site very interesting when he talked about the research he did for the book and how he avoided making the Lord's Legion seem like any other religion. If you like a perspective switch every other chapter, I'd recommend this book. It was one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 10:40 am

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