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Sarah, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

"Wolf Hollow" is an interesting book, written by Lauren Wolk. It is about a young girl, named Annabelle, who lives in a beautiful,tranquil village: Wolf Hollow. Until the manipulative Betty arrives, Annabelle's life has been full of love and joy. Suddenly, Betty disappears and all suspicion lies on Toby- a lonely soldier living on the hills. From then on, Annabelle does everything she can to defend Toby and show everyone what Betty is actually like.
By far, my favourite character in this story is the protagonist (Annabelle) since she doesn't judge people by the way they look ,like most of the people in the book, and she stands up for what she believes- no matter the consequence.

However, my least favourite character is Aunt Lily because she seems to be the exact opposite of Annabelle: she is disrespectful, judgmental and doesn't listen to anybody else's point of view. Therefore, I was extremely happy when she learnt her lesson in the end.

This novel is jam-packed with drama, twists and turns- which add to the excitement. Personally, I love the way the author has contrasted the traumatic events to the peaceful setting of Wolf Hollow and ,in a way, it makes them feel more unpredictable.

This story is based on the idea of bullying so it teaches you what to do if you do get bullied. I think this is very helpful because it educates readers as well as entertaining them. However, this did make me feel slightly frustrated at the start (when she was getting bullied) because Annabelle wasn't doing anything about it and almost making the problem worse.

Overall, I enjoyed this book because I loved the characters, morals of the story and the setting but I did find it boring at times when nothing was happening. Even though it was a good story, it has been my least favourite so far.

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 05:25 pm

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