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Marianne, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

‘Salt to the Sea’ is the touching story of four young people very different from each other, yet striving towards the same goal: escaping the war. Joana, a kind and gentle nurse is looking for her mother; Florian, a German deserter searches for his lost sister Anni whom he hasn’t seen in 3 years; Emilia a terrified and lost 15-year old hides dark secrets; and Alfred, living in his own imaginary world wants to be recognized as an important soldier, but is dismissed as naïve and unimportant... The stories of these teenagers intertwine as they help each other out through tough times that come with war, have heart-to-heart conversations and fail to hide their darkest secrets.
This book is unique, showing how war affects very different people in similar ways and the cruelty caused by misunderstanding and greed. The story is told from the alternating points of view from all the characters, sometimes retelling the same instant from the points of view of two or more characters. Ending with powerful and horrifying scenes, this book shows us the importance of union and social responsibility.

Posted on: 4th April 2017 at 02:48 am

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