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Johan K, Glossopdale Community College

The Stars at Oktober Bend

“The Stars at Oktober Bend” has some elements in the storyline that are wonderfully thought through, whereas, elsewhere in the story, there were parts that personally, I didn’t like.
Joey would have to be my favourite character because he is always there to help. Even though he has a family where (this is quoted) "Daddy’s Dead, Mother’s Missing, Sister’s Crazy, Grandma’s Sick, Grandpa’s Jailed", he doesn’t give up. He helps his sister and grandma throughout the story, and hardly has anything to himself, but then he meets Tilda, and finally he has something to hold on to: Alice realises this so decides to help Joey with this by not bringing him more problems.
The story is very confusing, so the plot may not be as simple as this, but this is a summary: Alice is a fifteen year old who has gone crazy thanks to an injury given to her when she was younger. This event resulted in her grandpa shooting the criminals, but resulting in him being taken to jail. Her parents are dead and missing, and her grandma has a lung problem, so she is reliant on Joey to help her. However, not everybody is willing to allow this unfortunate family into the world, but everything changes when Alice meets Manny as he was running by. She makes an amazing friendship, and Joey therefore meets Tilda, and then everything seems fine.

However, some people are still not willing to allow Alice Nightingale’s family into the world. They persistently bully her and her friends and family just for revenge for a certain thing: but will everything turn out fine in the end, especially when the flood comes to Oktober Bend?

In my opinion, this story became a little tedious, because the narrator (Alice) had a mental disability. Therefore, she would keep on splitting up her thoughts into poetry. But also, there would be no capital letters because she didn’t go to school, and the read wouldn’t be as smooth as it was in a book like Wolf Hollow. However, when Manny started to narrate, the story became a lot easier to read, because he would lay out things in a way that is easier to read with the sentence structure. When Alice was narrating, she would be on to a story line but then suddenly be sidetracked into thinking about other minor things... making the story line complex. This writing was a bit like a stream of consciousness writing: but throughout the book.
The writer manages to create a scene of poverty and misfortune for Alice and her family, highlighted with the expressions of other characters.
I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars, because the story was confusing, "clunky" and tedious, but it was incredibly enticing how the writer managed to portray the feelings and emotions of a disabled girl.

Posted on: 27th May 2017 at 09:52 am

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