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Saint Death

I thought that Saint Death was a really interesting book for a young reader and someone who has never even slightly experienced the casual violence that was presented within this book. The writer was really clever in the way that he didn't focus too much on the violence but that it was apparent to the reader how extreme gangs and violence is. The other thing is that I think in the UK we receive very little media coverage on the US Mexican border and that its really important that young readers can see a first hand experience of the main character. I did find it difficult to empathise with Arturo as I have never been put in that situation before, therefore it was very difficult for me to put myself into his shoes and to agree/disagree with the many choices he has to make throughout this book. However I did think that towards the end of the book I could sympathise with him more as I had worked out the general atmosphere of where he was living, however I could never say I know what that would be like. One question I had for the author is that I would like to know how he got the idea for this book and also how he knew the even tiniest details, I would love to know if its based upon a true story. Overall I really enjoyed the book and thought that it is a very important read for young people and so that they can see what life is like in a completely different world.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 01:13 pm

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