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Emily K, Glossopdale Community College


Railhead by Phillip Reeve is a fascinating novel set in the future where humanity has left Earth and settled on many other worlds. To travel there and back you must take the 'unusual trains' that are also know as K gates. The story is based on a boy named Zen Starling, living and loving his life as a thief. But where will that lead him?

I found this book to be quite interesting towards me. I like the fact that Zen soon becomes a man of adventure as the book trails on. It really puts your mind to work throughout the novel as a boy travelling from galaxies so quickly and efficiently is not exactly what you expect. The book could have been stronger with its use of description and sometimes the futuristic themes became a little confusing, but apart from that I liked the high action included in it.
Surprisingly, I seemed to enjoy this book as it engaged me from page to page. I'm not usually the type to reach for action books such as Railhead but I found it a pleasure to read.

Posted on: 27th May 2017 at 03:40 pm

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