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Remy, TallisCarnegie2014

The Bone Sparrow

This book is utterly fantastic, it is about a boy named Subhi who was born in a refugee camp, living his entire life without venturing out into the world, confined within the four walls, the book goes through his mistreatment at the hands of guards such as Beaver and how his life changed forever since meeting the other protagonist named Jimmie, a girl specifically interested in exploring who's mother had died and father is struggling financially, leaving the house at days at a time. Jimmie travels to the camp only to meet Subhi and a duck which looks like shakespeare waiting for the 'night sea' to come, this event blossoms into a newfound friendship, and due to the fact that Jimmie is unable to read, she confronts subhi, asking if he can read her mothers stories to her. The story is heartwarming and although it is fictional, you can infer that this level of cruel mistreatment to asylum seekers and the conditions they live in is far from false. Rebellion is also a key feature in the story, Subhi's friend Eli and his sister have finally become intolerable of the severe mistreatment, attempting to leak footage of the real events that happen in the camp to the news and not the fabrications made by the guards to trick people into thinking it is perfectly fine and dandy. Zane Frallion is a master at setting a scene, by using various language techniques she can convey complex ideas and make a place seem real which is an extremely difficult trait to come by. The book makes us all feel privileged in comparison to what these poor people have to go through in day to day life, the situation of course is exaggerated slightly but as I said earlier, not far from the truth. Subhi is only a young boy like any other and that is what makes you feel connected to him. It's not as if these people are a different species and yet they are treated as one. The only person in the book who has authority and helps Subhi is Harvey, a friendly guard who protects him from the viscous behaviour of the notorious beaver and other equally violent guards. The story ends on a low and high note, I will try to refrain from potentially spoiling the spoiling the plot drastically,but whilst misfortune does come to Eli and Subhi, it is balanced out by the new life that is given to him after the riot.
In conclusion I just generally love this book, congratulations to the talented author that made such an inspiring plot which honestly makes you think a lot about the world and current events. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you have not so yet. Thanks for reading!

Posted on: 27th May 2017 at 06:57 pm

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