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Toby, Exeter School


I really enjoyed this book; it is a easy and fun read. It is about the future and there are lots of different planets connected together by networks. I really liked this book as it was very well written and has been my favourite Carnegie book so far.
I like the characters with their different, unique and lovable personalities which are well developed through the exciting and gripping story. It is about a boy called Zen Starling who is employed by a mysterious person called Raven and sent on a strange and deadly mission.
I like the detail in the book which is very good at setting a picture in your head with all the fascinating planets. It makes you visualise each place extremely well. I like the fact that it is different from most books as it is set in the future and has exciting made-up technology.
It is a great book and I enjoyed it massively and I would definitely recommend it as the book has a great plot with gripping cliffhangers and interesting and well presented characters. I would rate it for 10+ as it is quite an easy and enjoyable book.

Posted on: 27th May 2017 at 07:21 pm

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