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Ellyn , Woodroffe Book Surfers


I thoroughly enjoyed 'Release'. I liked how there wasn't some kind of extravagant plot. Instead, just a day in Adam's life where what could go wrong, did. It was a narrative that displayed conflicting relationships, love and fear, which I think is why it is such a good read for teens, as it explores emotions that are bound to felt through the course of adolescence. The way religion was such a prominent theme, emphasised Adam's 'differences' and allowed for such relationships to be part of the narrative. It also gave an insight in to the devotion and dedication that people have for their beliefs and how someone can be so consumed by something. I have to comment on the sub-plot that runs throughout the book ( giving the backstory of Katherine's murder). At first, it felt a chore to read, taking me away from the main narrative that was so gripping and exciting. However, after continuing with it, it twisted in with the main narrative and allowed for a deserving end. I loved the end, as the idea of letting go is something that as humans we have to learn. We have to learn to live in the present and enjoy what we have now. Finally, I really connected with Adam, but not so much with Katherine (as her character was so twisted and slightly confusing to understand, with the Queen and other spirits ). Adam was so vulnerable and that made me connect more with him, because I felt as though I wanted to protect him - much like Ange's role. A good book that I would highly recommend to any teen!

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 01:29 pm

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