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Fatema, Plashet School

Wolf Hollow

This book left me absolutely speechless. Honestly, I have never read something quite like this before. But I'm glad I did, it was certainly worth the while.

To briefly summarise the plot, the story takes place in a small area called Wolf Hollow, consisting a handful of people in which one of them is called Anabelle, an 11 year old girl. Through the eyes of this girl begins to unfold a tale about her bully, Betty, and a man who fought in WW1, Tobias. Personally, I thought this book was about consequences and stereotypes. An indirect fable, you could say.

First of all, I would like to comment on the characters. I can definitely say that the plot is unique as the story does not whole heartedly evolve around her. Even though it is told through her eyes. Which is unusual, because when a story is told through first person, it usually revolves around the character itself. So I, for one, admired the slight twist. The reactions and mentalities of the characters, unfortunately, are indeed realistic, especially because of the society we live in today. The plot of the story was well constructed as it was easy to follow, and I was not confused about the characters or what was going on in the story. Except for Toby, but I feel that it was the author's intention to keep him in the dark, so I'll let this one slip by.

Now for the context.

Personally, I feel that the whole plot itself was used as a cover to hide what I think was the authors 'real intentions', which was to pick out basic morals and problems in our society today. For example, the fact that children see and empathise with others much better than adults, but they're just looked down upon. I remember a striking moment in the book where Anabelle was surprised at the fact that her father and Toby stopped for a moment to listen to her ideas, which says a lot in the thought in itself. Furthermore, it was the fact that her actions and thinking was what allowed the plot to proceed, or else it would have just been an endless loophole. Which links onto the idea of the smallest actions leading to a bigger consequence (eg. when ---- (no spoilers) aimed the small rock at 'her' eye which eventually led to 'her' loosing it). However, I felt that the main highlight of the book was the moral 'don't judge a person by their appearance', which played a significant role in the story.

To conclude, I feel that Wolf Hollow isn't just a story. It's a story concealed within another story, you just have to find the second part to it. And that, is what made this book so special.

Posted on: 28th May 2017 at 06:23 pm

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