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Jack, Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Wed Wabbit

I read this book and I wasn’t too impressed. Fidge has a sister called Minnie and Minnie has her favourite toy, Wed Wabbit. Fidge got annoyed and kicked Wed Wabbit into the road and Minnie dived after it but got hit by a car. Fidge got put in her Aunt’s house and a storm comes along and takes her into the land of the Wimbley Woos. Fidge’s biggest nightmare Wed Wabbit is the ruler, the question is, will Figde save the Wimbley Woos? I found that the book stretched on for too long and was not as action packed as it could have so that is why I decided to give the book a 6/10.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 01:34 pm

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