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Kirndeep, Brooke Weston Academy


This book creates an amazing world that takes the reader on an exceptional journey. The fantasy world is well crafted and Reeve creates vivid images of the network. My highlight of the book were the trains, they were funny and original. The presentation of both the machines (the Motos) and humans really helped to highlight how rights should be respected. Reeve is subtly exploring how others' rights are handled and reminds the reader that rights need to be respected. Zen Starling, the main character, is a likable character who has a thirst for the trains and K-gates. He's a character that argues with his conscience and doubts himself along the way but this makes him a relatable character. Railhead is a fast paced, engaging novel that follows the story of an ordinary railhead, Zen Starling who is on a mission that rocks the Network Empire.

Posted on: 29th May 2017 at 01:10 pm

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