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Mrs Tayor, Highams Park School

Salt to the Sea

This book has blown me away! I had no idea of the real life tragedy; I read this with an increasing sense of impending doom, wondering who would survive, if anybody. The story is so well crafted through the short chapters presenting a different narrative voice. Secrets are suggested then revealed later in the novel. I read wondering whether the selfish, unstable mental state of Alfred would prove to be the downfall or the saving of our refugee narrators. The suspense was sustained throughout the novel. The language is accessible and it's not a difficult read in that sense. The plot is harrowing, though. Some things that I read made me put my hand to my face in horror. As much as I loved Wolf Hollow, for me this is superior. Find out more about the novel and the writer's viewpoint at

Posted on: 4th April 2017 at 09:53 am

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