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Johana (Y7), Colyton Grammar School


Zen and his partner Nova explore the sci-fi world in this amazing book by Phillip Reeve - Railhead.
Zen's talent of stealing leads him to a bigger mission, one of great importance to Raven and involves becoming an imposter. But soemthing happens so the mission becomes a greater adventure to find a friend and get back what Zen believes is his.
You get to know the characters well, Zen's concerns and Nova's kindness and brilliant mind, Flex's creativity and Threnody's leadership.
The language was often difficult to understand beacause of the sci-fi element, but fortunately there is a glossary at the back of the book.
I loved the imagination of Phillip Reeve,the K-gates and the transformaton between the motoriks,trains and maintenance spiders. There is a balance of dialogue and narrative in the book, the description was decent, could be improved but there is a possibility that I am just writing that because in some parts I skimmed over the description - eager to find out more about the plot and the description seemed unnecessary. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but I felt that at the beginning it wasn't very engaging. I spent most of my time dragging through, in fact i didn't want to read it. I only read it during registration at school beacause I found it uninteresting, but after a while the book became more and more enticing. When it became really engaging it was fast in the appropriate places and likewise slow when appropriate. I enjoyed the adventure very much and I enjoyed the way that you thought someone was dead, but that wasn't necessarily true. I found one of the thought-to-be-deaths confusing because it was never explained how the person didn't die and it never said what happened to the character afterwards.I found the ending a little disappointing as I wished for a bit more of excitement and a very small cliff hanger, but that was not provided. The ending was good but I envisaged a more exhilarating one. I loved the train element,but I don't like the Thought Fox in the end,and liked the change of worlds. I definitely became involved with the characters and especially attatched to Nova. I think most people my age would indeed enjoy,providing they enjoy sci-fi. I think the book is aimed for 9-12 or 13ish, purely because the starting wasn't enticing until a long time afterwards,about the time we and Zen are introduced to Threnody. I would mark the book down slightly and rate it 8 and 3/4 but it is still a thrilling and marvellous book! I cannot wait to read the sequel for Railhead, Black Light Express and I am extreamly eager to meet Zen and Nova and Threnody(straight after reading Railhead I had to find out about its sequel and the blurb mentioned these characters and some of the dilemmas they face. I am dying to read it!

Posted on: 30th May 2017 at 05:19 pm

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