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Fatema, Plashet School


Beck was a beautifully written book set in the 1900s, Canada. It is about a mixed race boy who is on a journey to find his belonging. After being orphaned at a young age, Beck is subjected to abuse, racial behaviour. As the story proceeds, we learn more about how he copes with his thoughts and feelings towards others. One thing I found particularly interesting about this book was how brutally open the book was about the problems going on at the time. Which is a good thing in my eyes, as I think it is important to know about the whole truth instead of sugar-coating it. However, considering the fact that this book was written by two authors (Mal Peet died before he could finish it, Meg Rosoff completed it), the book was VERY well written. So that is a major plus point. On the other hand, I found it a bit difficult to follow the plot of the book and the setting descriptions were so long, I dozed off a bit there.

But overall, I think this was an enjoyable book and would recommend young adults to read it.

Posted on: 30th May 2017 at 05:28 pm

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