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Ibrahim, Norwood School

The Bone Sparrow

This sad and sorrrowful story is set in a refugee camp in Australia.About a boy (named Subhi,born in the refugee camp) who only knows the world as a caged fence, this story would be suitable for people who find reading books based on real life and also containing some fiction elements.

Follow Subhi and the remaining people in the refugee camp fight until they are free. One ordinary day something extraordinary happened. Subhi met Jimmie(an outsider) who wore a Sparrow made from bone and carried a book she was unable to read.As Subhi read aloud her story,Jimmie's ancestors unravel then she soon finds out the importance of the bone sparrow.

I liked how this book was a mixture of non-fiction and fiction as I find it very interesting and unique.However the pace could have been a bit faster.

Liked this book? Then why not read No Stars To Wish On, another gripping book written by Zana Fraillon.

Posted on: 31st May 2017 at 08:37 am

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