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Joannah, Newstead Wood School

After the Fire

'After the Fire' is about lives in the 'Lord's Legion' controlled by Father John. Father John tries to 'help' the people in the 'Lord's Legion' to prepare their battle with the 'Outsiders', but Moonbeam slowly has doubts on whether all his messages are true and starts to see the lies behind it.

This is a very thrilling book, filled with adventure and mystery. It's one of those books which you can never put down and need to finish. When I started reading this book it was literally stuck to my hands. The style of the writing this author has used is absolutely incredible.Each chapter keeps going from 'After the fire' to 'Before the fire', so it never drags you on and is very quick and easy to follow.

I think this book has a very good chance of winning the Carnegie Medal and I recommend this book to all ages 12+.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 01:57 pm

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