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Isabel, Fortismere

Salt to the Sea

I loved the layout in 'Salt to the Sea' every chapter focused on a group of four people, all their stories are very unique, in backgrounds and personality. In each chapter a character makes a distinctive decision that changes the end result of this book. The emotions of the four characters have are very real and heartfelt, the author has thoroughly researched the affect the war had on normal people. I really like that the characters have raw emotions and friendships, Ruta Sepetys has thought how real people would react to something like a world war, and how not every one is friends but they will work together to get to their final goal. The story line of each individual character is a well thought through and developed, and they share this with other people over time as they learn to trust each other. For example half way though the book it emerges that Emilia is heavily pregnant, but does not tell the truth straight away as to how this came to be, later on near the end of the book while giving birth she admits to how this happened. This book was well written and developed .

Posted on: 31st May 2017 at 08:54 pm

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