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Anna, Gordano School

Wolf Hollow

This book is set in America, during the Second World War. 12 year old Annabelle lives in the peaceful town, Wolf Hollow, a place which has seen war but remains to be her home and safety. However, when Betty moves into town, everything that Annabelle has ever known changes. A few mysterious events after Betty’s arrival causes war-scarred Toby to be blamed. The strange wanderer may seem dangerous in the eyes of most people, with his wild hair and three guns that he carries on his shoulders, but Annabelle knows him better than anyone ever will. His quiet personality and fondness of nature shows Annabelle that he cannot be guilty and she would do anything to prove what he is really like, hidden beneath his scary appearance. The tension increases when Betty goes missing, and Toby cannot be found in his small house in the woods. Young Annabelle must use her knowledge of right and wrong, stay strong in the face of lies and use her determination to uncover the mystery.

One main point that makes this book a good read is the age of Annabelle, and her realistic and relatable personality. The fact that she is young, and has lived in Wolf Hollow her whole life, shows that she is still naïve and has much to learn about the world. This is why the arrival of Betty changes her so much. During their first meeting in the book, Betty immediately recognises how Annabelle cares for her brothers, and uses that against her by threatening that she will hurt them. This presents her as a manipulative character, who is used to getting what she wants and will do so in any way she can. However, Toby comes across someone who would never do anything to hurt anyone. His experiences of war have changed him in many ways, but parts of him still remain, and Annabelle can see this, whether in his sensitivity for nature photographs, or the way he decides to help her when she needs him most.

This is a book that I can recommend to mostly any ages, as it isn’t too serious or too happy, so it can even be read by young readers, and adults can also enjoy reading it. A clear message that could come from this story is ‘never judge a book by its cover’, because Betty appears to be a sweet girl, but has a dark side that ends up with people getting hurt, and Toby is thought to be a crazy man, but proves us wrong. It is also about relationships, and how friends are always there for one another. Overall, I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good book to read.

Posted on: 1st June 2017 at 08:50 am

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