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Holly, Larkmead Secondary School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

Alice Nightingale is a girl with her own problems. Her parents are dead and she lives with her Grandmother and her big brother Joey. Her Grandfather is in prison because of murder, but with her grandmothers lungs getting worse by the day everyone is hoping her grandfather comes out to look after the both of them. She is never alone because of her best friend Bear, it is just the two of them until Manny James comes in to her life and little does she know that he is going to change her life forever. Tilda is Joey's girlfriend and knows how Alice is feeling. This is all until there are reports of floods coming and Alice and Bear are trapped in the house alone waiting to be rescued. What will happen if the rescue crew don't arrive in time?

I liked this book because it showed how people in a family can feel towards each other, no matter what the problems.

Posted on: 4th April 2017 at 11:49 am

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