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Sophie, Petts Wood Bookworms

Salt to the Sea

I really enjoyed this book, and found it such a page-turner. I think maybe my view is slightly bias because I am very interested in world war 2, but I like that the author focused on different aspects and perspectives of it. I especially liked Emilia's character because she told the reader about the culture of Poland as well as how the Nazis occupied it, which I found very interesting. I think having the narrators describe their native countries' cultures helped make me feel more empathetic towards them because I felt like I knew them very well. However, I was unsure about Alfred's character. I understand that the author wanted the reader to see how many different people the war impacted on, but I think it would've been better to maybe show the perspective of a Russian soldier, battling against his morals for his country, instead of a German soldier with a weak persona and psychopathic intentions. I didn't like him at all, and didn't enjoy reading his chapters because he was such an ignorant person. I'm unsure what purpose the author wanted him to serve in the novel.

Posted on: 1st June 2017 at 03:17 pm

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