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Wolf Hollow

Annabelle, the main character is a young ordinary girl who goes to school during the second world war. It is exactly the year 1943. Many of her Pennsylvanian neighbours' sons have been killed. The only safe place Annabelle knows of, is her farm house and the almost roofless school. She has two little brothers who cause a lot of trouble and they are her responsibility. So when Betty arrives, a cruel greedy bully who comes from the city. Annabelle starts to lie to protect herself in the greatest of needs. Betty ruins her life by threatening her brothers and forcing her to give her precious items. And that is when she disappears and the whole village believe it was the traumatised lunatic soldier.
I truly enjoyed Wolf Hollow. It gripped me till the end forcing my hand to turn the page and read on. (I found myself reading till 11 in the night!) I would recommend this book to readers my age because some of the descriptions of war are a bit graphic.

Posted on: 1st June 2017 at 07:31 pm

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