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Wahida, Plashet School

Wed Wabbit

I am very certain that a lot of people (the ones who read it) liked this book. Let's be honest 'Wed Wabbit' is an adorable, funny and childish book. We could all benefit from a little humour from time to time.
A young girl called Fidge has been sent to live with her awful cousin because of an incident that happened with her little sister. One day Fidge gets caught up in a storm and ends up in Wimbleyland( a bit like The Wizard of Oz) . Wimbleyland is ruled by the evil dictator called 'Wed Wabbit' (as expected). It is Fidge's mission to free the Wimbley Woos from the cruel ruler - Wed Wabbit.
The main reason why I love this is because it a fantasy book. Also Wed Wabbit's punishments are just so cute and silly. Furthermore different Wimbley Woos have different jobs to do. I felt sympathy for the rhyming Wimbley Woos on Friday, because whenever they had to speak it had to be in a rhyming couplets which was very annoying and hard for me.

Anyway guys, DO Read this book. I am sure you guys will enjoy it.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 08:10 pm

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