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Isabel, Impington Village College

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond the bright sea was a moving and interesting story,which shows that some people live a very different life due to suspicion, like Crow. She is abandoned on a small island, and no-one goes near her because her parents had leprosy - all except Osh. Crow is desperate to find out who her true family is, and when visiting Pekinese Island she and Osh discover a man who they think is the bird keeper but they later find out he is actually looking for treasure. There are lots of twists that you would not expect, and it shows truth, but does not describe the horrors much. I think that Beyond the bright sea is a good and well thought through book that is truthful, shocking, but also suitable for 10+. I really enjoyed reading this book, as it did not end as I expected it would. I would recommend this book to lots of different types of readers as it is unique and has lots of different types of story in it. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did, as it is a great book.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 08:45 pm

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