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Molly, Tadcaster Grammar School

Beyond the Bright Sea

This book was a satisfying, quick read that had a simple and effective plot with an underlying mystery and melancholy theme. The book is definitely not realistic yet I do not think that the author intended it to be, it is quite a fantastical, dream like book. The characters are very engaging and likable and for the main character I felt that we really knew as much as we could about her backstory which culminated in a satisfying and solid ending. However, I wish that it had gone into a bit more depth into Osh and that he had been developed more as he seemed to be interesting with an unusual past. I feel this book should be recommended for younger readers but it is also an easy book for older readers to read for some relief and a decent story line. I enjoyed the style of writing and the way the scenery was described with many metaphors and similes which helped you to understand the character and her upbringing due to the things she related to. On the whole I enjoyed this book but I felt it was a bit young.

Posted on: 30th April 2018 at 09:38 pm

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