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Marcus, Horndean Carnegie Connoisseurs

Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit is a creative book clearly crafted by an imaginative author. This unorthodox and weirdly wonderful children's novel truly deserves to be shortlisted for the prestigious CILIP Carnegie Medal award. The book itself is mainly based on Fidge, an intelligent 10 year old, Minnie, her rather annoying but much loved four year old sister and Graham, a spoilt, fussy and rude cousin. The plotline follows the story of how Minnie obsessed with soft toys (especially Wed Wabbit) and The Land of the Wimbly Woos, is hit by a car after a thoroughly irritated Fidge momentarily loses control and takes her anger out on Wabbit and kicks her into the road. She is taken to her cousin's house and is forced to spend time with Graham and his entitled ways. After throwing Wed Wabbit down the cellar, she is told by her Mum to give Wed Wabbit to Minnie who is in hospital. She goes down the cellar with a reluctant Graham. They're suddenly transported to a giant Land of the Wimbly Woos, hijacked by some of the other toys Minnie owns, and Graham’s transitional carrot. It just so happens that Wed Wabbit has become a cruel dictator who is ordering Blue wimblies to hunt down the strangers and arrest them with the promise of sweets.

Throughout the time they are trapped in the Land of the Wimbly Woos, Graham and Fidge bond together, solving problems to get back home, meeting many new (and weird) friends along the way. Fidge is also heavily influenced by the sad passing of her father two and a half years ago and she has become emotionally withdrawn as a result. However she stays strong and saves the Land of the Wimbly's from being boring and without colour, ending the book with a handful of positive messages.

Although the layout of this book is designed for younger children, I still found in thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious. I also noticed that Lissa Evans seems inspired by other author's and other forms of media, perhaps getting ideas from both David Walliams and Wallace and Gromit. The only problem I have with this book is that I feel that it switches from the serious situation of Minnie sustaining a serious injury, to being teleported to a land with a giant plastic carrot, abseiling dustbins, a rabbit dictator and the many different Wimbly Woos too quickly. Apart from that it was a great read that I would definitely recommend for younger children, as it is sweet, positive and funny!

Posted on: 21st March 2018 at 10:37 am

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