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Hanna, BSG

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond The Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk follows Crow as she tries to discover where she came from and what it means. Along the way, she has to challenge what it means to be family.

Crow, along with most the other characters, was extremely well developed and well written character. Osh, Miss Maggie and even Mouse are also really enjoyable to read. However, I think Mr. Kendall was really simple villain and his motivations were never really developed. This felt rather at odd with the rest of the book as Osh evens describes people as complex.

The plot of the book was constantly moving forward and was well combined with the message of novel. However, it often relied on coincidences unlikely to occur in real life. I really enjoyed the ending and it served as a really great conclusion to both the plot and the message of the book. It was also really heartwarming.

I probably would not reread Beyond The Bright Sea but I might recommend it to some of my friends. I actually found the book rather simple and probably fine for mature 9+ readers.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 07:16 am

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