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Hanifa, CoLA Chatterbooks

Wolf Hollow

"The year I turned 12, I learned how to lie." I honestly love the way Lauren has quoted this right at the start because, by the time you're at the end of the book, you understand the message. It makes readers feel like they should try more exciting books with interesting plot twists. Lauren Wolk's children's novel revolves around twelve-year-old Annabelle as she attempts to deal with a local bully named Betty while defending local recluse and World War 1 veteran Toby against lies and accusations of violence during World War II. Annabelle lives with her parents, grandparents, Aunt Lily, and younger brothers James and Henry on a farm in the hills above the small town of Wolf Hollow, Pennsylvania. They are a close family and Annabelle is especially close to her parents. Annabelle befriends Toby, who lives in an abandoned smokehouse at the edge of their property. Toby is quiet, keeps to himself, enjoys photography, always carries three guns, and causes no one any trouble. Annabelle's parents know he is good but is a troubled man. Annabelle loves her life, but the fourteen-year-old Betty throws her life out of order. I think out of all of the books on the shortlist, this novel would have to be the best due to the fact that it has interesting plot twists, unique characters and amazing use of vocabulary.

Posted on: 2nd June 2017 at 12:00 pm

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