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James, Chobham Academy Book Group


Set in 1900s Canada, this book s a journey of pure survival, against all odds. Beck is black. He was abused. He has no parents. Thriving off the kindness of others, and perishing off their misdemeanors, he fumbles his way through over three quarters of a brilliant book, and then something happens. Namely, the author Mal Peet dies. In what is admittedly a very kind gesture, Meg Rossoff finished his book for him. Unfortunately, this was a bad idea, because although they're both great authors, this is like painting a wall lime, running out of paint, and finishing it in verona. The contrast isn't huge, but it's definetaly there. So, nice idea Meg, it was great of you to embark upon finishing Mal Peet's book, but next time it's best not to try. Great book though.

Posted on: 2nd June 2017 at 02:02 pm

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