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Sophia, Alleyn's

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea is an amazing book. Although fiction, it documents historical events from WW2, which most people have not heard about. The story brings together the lives of people who have different backgrounds but all meet in their journey to freedom.
The book contained lots of twists and I couldn't stop reading it. For example, when you find out Emilia is pregnant. It is captivating, sad, and memorable and it helps to share the history of so many people who weren't as lucky as Florian and Joana.
Another thing I enjoyed about the book is the relationships that were formed, not only with the characters whose perspective you see but also with characters like Heinz and Klaus. These relationships make it all the more heart breaking when the tragedy actually occurs.
I also enjoyed the writing style, which shows you different perspectives every chapter without repeating the same events as lots of books do. Instead it helps us learn the characters secrets and back stories, which not all the other characters learn.
Overall, I enjoyed the writing style, the captivating story and the relationships between these amazing characters. This is made even more magical by the fact that lots of the tragedy was factual and not fiction. So the story was not only memorable but it taught me something new about one of the biggest naval tragedies.

Posted on: 3rd June 2017 at 08:58 am

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