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Nwando, Chasing the story

Under the Same Sky

This book is tranquil and peaceful. I think it would be aimed at a younger demographic(for example 2-5) due to the simpler language used and the repetition. In addition to this, the book has a distinctive rhythm as it rhymes. This is often a feature in books for younger children. However, there is an underling moral in this story about love and how we are all really the same. This would be evident to the parents reading the story to their children. The illustrations are interesting as each page has been created using a slightly different medium, the brushwork on each page is different. In addition to this, the colour scheme throughout the book is consistent, using passive yellows, blues and greens. The colour scheme used definitely assists in implicating a calming effect on the reader as the colours are not vibrant and loud. The cutouts in the book can occasionally distract from the illustrations and text. They can also sometimes become confusing as it can be unclear as to where you need to begin reading. The font used in the story complements the calming theme as it is in italics and quite a relaxed looking font. Under the Same Sky is an enjoyable read for younger children and the message behind the story about equality is relatable to our lives.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 09:40 am

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