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Railhead was a brilliant book, which followed a petty thief who became something more throughout the course of the book. He did not really have a brilliant home life, as his mother was always suffering from anxiety and he and his older sister Myka always had to help.

Later, Raven saves Zen, the main character from being arrested by Malik, his unlikely saviour, by destroying his sentient train with a virus called a trainkiller.

Raven then instructs his android a "motorik" to bring Zen Starling onto his train, the Thought Fox. He instructs Zen to steal the Pyxis from the Noon family, then explains that Zen was a Noon who was stolen from his family by his "Mother".

Zen steals the Pyxis successfully, but Nova, the "motorik" is left in two pieces floating in space. Zen and Flex, another motorik, go on a dangerous rescue mission to save her. They do, but are wanted by rail force, a powerful army.

They get to the planet which Raven is hiding out on. They are tracked down by Railforce, and Raven is killed. Zen and Nova are still alive. They use the Pyxis and go through it. That is were the book ends.

Though the ending was a cliffhanger, the book was a good read, and I really enjoyed it.

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 08:51 am

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