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The Bone Sparrow

This book weaves a story so charming and impressive, I found myself noticing many different things I seemed to overlook in some pages. The main idea of the book is quite intriguing as it assumes the place of a refugee in a refugee camp, who seems to be isolated from that that lies beyond the gate which keeps the people at bay. Subhi, the main character, seems to stay optimistic despite his living conditions in which his family of a mother, a sister and himself, have to tolerate. Further into the book, we meet Jimmie, who is not a refugee but rather a girl who lives a fair distance outside the camp. Subhi and Jimmie seem to develop a friendship after they meet between the fence.
The main idea the book seems to convey to the reader presents itself greatly towards the midpoints of it, mainly being curiosity and being cheerful in even the most unfavourable of times. The tagline, "Hope can set you free," is made clear as the plot progresses, especially in the main events after the character Jimmie is introduced. Prominently, stories are exchanged between the two characters in links to Subhi's cherishment of stories in the opening pages of the book.
Personally, I enjoyed The Bone Sparrow and I would definitely recommend this read to those who are in search for a book with humorous dialogue and narration accompanied by quite realistic and sometimes upsetting themes. The fine balance between comedy and hardship.
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 10:43 am

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