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Kerry, Loreto College

Wed Wabbit

The author's starting point was a true story. IN August 1727 a small group of men and boys living on the island of Hirta, the largest of the islands in St Kilda, 40 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean west of the Western Isles, went to harvest seabirds and eggs on Stac or 'warrior Stac', a fearsome high area of rock on the northern edge of the islands.
Personally I think this book has a mature concept ( especially as it is based on a true story) and some of the language is quite complex. Therefore I would recommend this book to readers aged 11-14.
There is a large group of three men and nine boys who make ready for the trip to warrior Stac. The harvest plays an important role in ensuring there is enough food for the St Kildans to survive over the winter, and the regular trips also helps transform the island's boys into men. Some have been before, but for others it is their first time. All are nervous about the dangers they face in such a lifeless and deserted place.Once they are there, the work goes well, and they highly successful in killing large numbers of seabirds that they came for.
However,when the boat is meant to arrive to retrieve the boys and it doesn't , no one comes. Another Sae Stac prevents the victims to signal home and to receive any signals form residents on Hirta. They continue to work and pass the time, hoping that rescue will arrive: meanwhile everyone is silently wondering how their families are coping at home. Although this is a well written book, it didn't appeal to me and I was not captivated by it any way. I did like the part when Kenneth ( the bully) got frostbite and his toes had to be removed because he had it coming !
To conclude I would try to read another book by McCaughren but if I was disappointed by it, then I wouldn't read any more books boos by her. A good book, but sadly not for me.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 11:47 am

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