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Emily, Sutton Girls

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Sputnik's Guide To Life On Earth

This is a gentle, entertaining book with a style that makes it suitable for a wide range of ages and there are some uplifting messages about friendship and home. The name 'Sputnik' means companion in Russian and despite the alien being mischievous and over-eager, Prez, the first person narrator, later regards him as his best friend.

I think that these two main contrasting characters add interest to the story. Prez is an orphaned boy who used to live with his grandfather before he was moved to a home and Prez hardly ever speaks. But, if he ever coughs or clears his throat, everyone stops to listen. Only Prez knows that Sputnik is actually an alien not an excitable barking dog who never stops yelping. As Prez seldom talks, the two communicate telepathically which adds to the humour.

The storyline is very original and thought-provoking. It involves Prez and Sputnik making a list about the top 10 best things about planet earth in order to stop it from being shrunk by aliens that Sputnik knows. There is a lot of panic and excitement as the two characters bond over this task and are confronted by various problems and obstacles.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly and especially like the setting of Dumfries in Scotland. It is written so that you feel like you have known the place for a long time. It felt safe and familiar and easy to relate to - you could imagine that you lived there as well.

Overall, my favourite part was at the end and the tenth most important thing on earth was a post-it note. Yet, there was nothing on the post-it note so this confused Prez until his grandfather pointed out that he had recorded all the days they had spent with each other on post-it notes, so one of the messages of the book is the importance of spending time with the people you love.

By Emily Robson

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 01:12 pm

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