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Jessica, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the sea is one of my favourite books so far!
It is written from four perspectives, which was quite confusing at first because it was difficult to remember who I was reading about, however at about halfway through everything became clear and it was a lot easier to read. I also found it a little annoying at first because some of the chapters were left on cliff hangers and in the chapter afterwards they weren't addressed. They were then brought back up a lot farther in the book but at the time of reading the cliff hangers I was very confused instead of intrigued to read on. Despite the slow and confusing start, I managed to get into the book later on and I loved how the characters developed, especially Florian. This book helped widen my understanding of the war too because I never knew how bad it was before. The four characters, Florian, Joana, Emilia, and Alfred, were all very different. From the start I slightly disliked Alfred and thought he was very boring, and later on he made me hate him even more because of some of the things he did! I really liked the other three characters though. The description throughout the book improved rapidly and I ended up loving it! The beginning of the book was slow, boring and confusing but by the end I was intrigued so much that when the book ended, instead of feeling happy that I had finished my book, I was upset, by both the ending and the fact I had finished it and wouldn't be able to read more!
This book is gripping as well as educational and it is definitely my favourite book so far!

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 01:58 pm

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